susumu hirasawa, also sometimes referred to as "hrsw" by fans, is a singer and songwriter from adachi, tokyo, japan. he is mostly known for his work on works such as paprika, paranoia agent, berserk, and more, but there is so much more to his music than just those. he has over 30 albums (including p-model and kaku p-model), and i have listened to all of them. hrsw has been writing music since the 1970s, starting off with his now-obviously-defunct band mandarake. after mandarake disbanded, p-model formed, of which is probably my favorite band of all time. i got into hrsw's work in october 2021, via the utaite x0o0x_ posting this song, which is a cover of big brother by kaku p-model. this lead me to listening to vistoron, the first kaku p-model album, and i was very obsessed. for a while after, the only few hrsw albums i had listened to in full were siren (a hrsw solo album from 1996) and vistoron. this did not change for a while until i met someone (who is now my best friend) who was a very huge fan and introduced me to the rest of p-model's discography, so that's when i became a very huge fan as well..

here is a funny picture of hirasawa with bunnies. not sure what the source is

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