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higanbana no saku yoru ni is a visual novel written by ryukishi07 and published by 07th expansion in 2011. it is an anthology series about bullying or being bullied, and deals with very heavy subject matter, including but not limited to: graphic animal abuse, suicide, bullying/abuse (obviously), death, mass death, stalking, pedophilia, and rape. keep this in mind before reading. it is my favorite visual novel, and i think it is very underrated. i am planning to reread it soon, since i first read it in early 2023. i don't really have a favorite chapter, but michiru sakurada is my favorite character, and one of my favorite characters from anything ever. i don't want to get into much details as to why for privacy, but i like her a lot. i have commissioned a lot of art of her, which you can view with the "michiru art" tab.