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scattered thoughts - april 10th, 2024

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time for monthly blog entry... i have been feeling conflicted about many things recently, some of them i can't share here but in general i have been very unsure... lately i really want to move my twitter accounts (not my art account) elsewhere to get away from some of my mutuals because i feel like i need a fresh start... this includes my main and my priv. i've been using them for so long, bad memories are starting to accumulate and i really don't want this burden on me anymore. but then, that raises the question of what will i do with my other social medias? do i cut off everyone else from there too? i really don't know. additionally, i have been thinking of deleting this site and starting a new one, or renaming it and completely redoing Everything... but that is the impulse talking, probably

anime boston - march 30th, 2024

haven't posted any entries in a while, but it was finally anime boston day today... i cosplayed yuuri from girls last tour and a lot of people recognized me..!! this year i feel like i wasnt that awkward which i am thankful for. however, i did not get that many merchandise at all... not as much as i was expecting... i really wanted to buy more figures, especially touhou ones, but i just didnt see any i liked..!!! i did get some touhou keychains however (koishi, satori, and sakuya, the sakuya is for my irl friend). and thats i really wish i got more merchandise so now i have like a lot of money left over from what i had saved. i bought two t-shirts online with it so i guess that's something.

anime figures - february 24th, 2024

since 2020, i've been collecting figures.. my first anime figure was remilia scarlet from touhou (love her still) that i got for my 14th birthday. as you can see, the image on the left is my current figure collection (not a lot and i REALLY need to fill that empty space....) since 2020, i've gradually been collecting figures but at a very slow pace... especially because i keep selling or giving away ones i don't want anymore. i have a mfc for my merchandise, and it is very fun to browse stuff on there. i want to buy more figures (and make more out of clay, such as the michiru sakurada) so i probably will at the next anime boston, or after that (i am going on saturday, march 30th). some of my favorite figures are like...all of the ones i have, but as for ones i don't have, i really like this satori+koishi figure, this sahaquiel figure(basic 'animecore' one i know), this shannon (from umineko) which i really want and WILL buy one day, and i guess thats it for now. friend me on mfc if you want!!! i am pretty active there i guess