laby lebi reibi // 17 // entity girl creature thing eye orb
mysterious monoliths are appearing around the world

my name is laby. i am a darkness orb creature and i like to create many things and have a lot of hobbies... (ask me for my listography) ...

i have a wide variety of interests, and i talk about them on this website. some of them (also the main ones currently) include visual novels*, rpgmaker games*, touhou project, tkmiz works, pathologic (classic hd only), and a lot of music (wumpscut, susumu hirasawa, yapoos/jun togawa, and nashimoto ui i really love, but there are many many more artists i enjoy). some non-media interests are drawing/art, geography, languages, obelisks, eyes, orbs, eye orbs, steppes, cooking/baking, html/css (ofc), old tech/internet/software, cosplaying, anime conventions, and otomads/ytpmvs (but moreso otomads...)

i am not really a part of ANY communities, at least ones open to the public. i guess the melonland forum counts, however i don't really like to be super active there, so it doesn't count.. (i make the occasional reply or topic post) there's also the following i've gained from posting fanart on my twitter art account, but i am not directly involved in the communities besides that. i honestly really dislike any kind of community. (the tkmiz community seems pretty chill though, i gotta say....)

do not try to be my friend or interact with me if you have a carrd or rentry with a long dni - i do not like you people... (i am a strange person with a lot of problematic interests and beliefs that would be deemed controversial by the carrdrentry diaspora. i am speaking as someone who was in that circle of the internet for two years, and it was honestly kind of traumatizing)

speaking of, you can contact me on discord. eyeorb is my username, but please keep in mind i am VERY selective with new friends. i am a very closed off person, please do not get attached to me or you WILL get disappointed no matter what. though don't let this discourage you if we have interests or beliefs in common, like i said

here is a collage of laby things